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Taurus G2C 9mm


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Taurus G2C 9mm

The Taurus G2C 9mm, is the replacement for the Taurus PT111 G2. As a matter of fact the two pistols are almost identical with the biggest difference being that the G2C was designed without an internal locking mechanism. This compact pistol boasts a 12 + 1 round capacity in a small lightweight package. It comes with two 12 round magazines, a trigger safety, and a manual safety. If you are looking for an economical concealed carry pistol the Taurus G2c 9mm, may be the way to go. The G2C is available in multiple colors, and also available with a stainless steel slide and different color frames.


  • 3.2″ barrel.
  • Two 12 round magazines.
  • Fixed front, rear adjustable sight.
  • Manual Safety, and Trigger Safety
  • Lightweight polymer frame, with aggressive textured grip panels.

Taurus G2C 9mm

MFR#: Black/Black: 1-G2C931-12, SS/Black: 1-G2C939-12, Black/FDE: 1-G2C931-12T, Black/ODG: 1-G2C931-12O, Black/Dark Purple: 1-G2C931-12DP, SS/Dark Purple: 1-G2C939-12DP, Black/Light Purple: 1-G2C931-12LP, SS/Light Purple: 1-G2C939-12LP, Black/Cyan: 1-G2C931-12C, SS/Cyan: 1-G2C939-12LP, Black/Grey: 1-G2C931-12G, SS/Grey: 1-G2C939-12G

UPC: Black/Black: 725327616030, SS/Black: 725327616047, Black/FDE: 725327616085, Black/ODG: 725327616078, Black/Dark Purple: 725327617402, SS/Dark Purple: 725327617747, Black/Light Purple: 725327617419, SS/Light Purple: 725327617730, Black/Cyan: 725327617754, SS/Cyan: 725327617426, Black/Grey: 725327616054, SS/Grey 725327617389 


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