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Surplus Yugo M57 TT Tokarev 7.62×25


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Surplus Yugo M57 TT Tokarev 7.62×25 Very Good to Fair Surplus Condition with one 9 round mag

Updated 11/14/19: New shipment came in, these are still majority C&R Eligible. We are grading this batch Very Good to Fair. 

Updated 09/12/19: New shipment came in, these are from the same batch as the update on 06/18/19. They cost us slightly less than the last shipment, and we are passing the savings on to you.

Updated 06/18/19: New shipment of M57’s came in!! This shipment looks really good, most of these are Excellent to Good. They are back to coming with one 9 round magazine. Also the vast majority of this shipment is C&R Eligible!!! So we are resuming shipments to C&R 03 FFL’s!


Current Yugo M57 options are:

Handpick: Surplus Very Good to Good Cosmetically with one 9rd magazine. C&R Eligible!

Standard: Surplus Good to Fair Cosmetically with one 9rd magazine. C&R Eligible!

Grade C: Surplus Fair to Poor Cosmetically with one 9rd magazine. Limited # of C&R Eligible


Zastava manufactured M57 TT Tokarev Pistols, in 7.62×25. These original M57’s were manufactured in the former Yugoslavia and are coming to us in fair to very good surplus condition. They are chambered in the very hard hitting 7.62×25, and each pistol comes with one 9 round mag. Extra 9 round mags are currently out of stock. We took one of these M57’s out of the batch at random cleaned and test fired it, the pistol functioned flawlessly with commercially available ammo. We took pictures of an average looking example. “Hand Pick” (our staff will select the cosmetically best one out of 10) Option is available for $15.00 on these. Some of these have been packed in cosmoline and will require a good cleaning inside and out. Virginia residents can select local pickup and come to our store and pick one out for yourself, or just stop by our store during our normal business hours. Always have surplus guns checked out by a gunsmith prior to firing them.

Note about barrels: These pistols have been used with corrosive ammo and the barrels can range from shiny to dark with some pitting.

Due to the large number of C&R eligible M57’s in this current shipment we are again shipping directly to C&R 03 FFL holders!

Hard Chrome and other finishes are HERE!!!

Surplus Yugo M57 9 round magazines are HERE!

NEW Production Zastava Arms M57A 7.62×25 Tokarevs are HERE!!!

NEW Production Zastava Arms M70AA 9mm Tokarevs are HERE!!!

Surplus Yugo M57 TT 7.62×25 with one 9 round mag. Manufactured by Zastava, these pistols are in Very Good to Fair surplus Condition.



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