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Surplus Beretta Model 81 Cheetah .32 ACP


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Update 01/09/20: Brand new Beretta Factory 12 round magazines for the Model 81 are in stock! 

Click here for factory new Beretta Model 81 12 round magazines!

Update 09/01/19: C Grade is out of stock! 

These Surplus Beretta Model 81 Cheetah .32 ACP pistols are original Italian made Beretta’s, that come from the Italian prison system. This lot is very consistent, and the majority of these pistols will be from Very Good surplus to Good surplus condition.  These pistols are offered in standard and hand pick (our staff will select the cosmetically best one out of 10) option is available for $20.00 extra on these.

We have taken pictures several High Resolution pictures of these to give you an idea of what you will be getting. Please keep in mind our intention was to pick up as many imperfections on the pistol as possible. We also picked up the brown grease that is on these pistols, it’s not quite cosmoline, but it is definitely brown and some kind of grease! Compared to the naked eye these pictures pick up everything, but it gives a good representation of what the pistols will look like. Select the appropriate option above and you will see the corresponding picture for each a standard (the one depicted is low end) or a handpick.

For the most part this group shows very little wear from actual firing of the pistols and more nicks, scratches, wear from holster use, handling, or storage. Some pistols may have a little bit of freckling on the pistol or the magazine, but nothing major. This would make sense since this pistols came from the Italian prison system, according to the importer. Choosing the Hand pick option will get you the best 1 out of 10 cosmetically, this insure you receive a Very Good condition model. Choosing the Standard will get you a Very Good to Good surplus condition pistol. Standards are up to the luck of the draw on what condition you will receive.

The Beretta Model 81 Cheetah is a very rare pistol in the United States, and they have been very expensive for even fair surplus models. This is your opportunity to own a highly collectible and in demand pistol at a very competitive price. The Model 81 is a double stack .32 ACP pistol

The importer roll marked these pistols under the trigger guard, so no big importer marks on the slide or frame. Check the pictures.

Handpick: Surplus Very Good Cosmetically with one 12rd magazine.

Standard: Surplus Very Good to Good Cosmetically with one 12rd magazine.

Grade C: Surplus Fair to Poor Cosmetically with one 12rd magazine.

None of these pistols will be C&R Eligible, as they are not old enough.


  • Original Beretta Production.
  • Single/ Double Action.
  • Light weight, and light shooting .32 ACP.
  • Ambi safety.
  • One 12rd magazine, and Beretta still sells these mags.
  • Rare pistol in the USA.

If you are in a state the limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds, we will delete the magazine from your shipment. We will credit you back $10.00 for the magazine on your purchase. 

Surplus Beretta Model 81 Cheetah .32 ACP, Original Italian, Very Good to Good Surplus Condition with one 12 round magazine



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